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Automobile Pressing Parts

Automobile Pressing Parts

Material: non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, copper and aluminum

Surface treatment: Galvanizing

Process:digital punching, bending, pressure riveting, galvanizing

Tolerance: ±0.05 mm

Expansion: The principle of metal stamping parts processing, metal or non-metal deformation under the action of external force, when the external force exceeds the yield limit of the material, plastic deformation begins. If the pressure is increased and exceeds the ultimate strength of the material, the metal or non-metal begins to break and separate. Cold stamping is the use of the property of metal to separate or deform the material at room temperature to obtain the desired shape and precision requirements. 2, metal stamping parts process characteristics: 1) under the impact of the punch, can get complex shapes of parts. 2) After processing, the parts have high precision, stable size and good interchangeability. 3) Under the condition that the material loss is not large, the parts with light weight, good strength, good rigidity and smooth appearance are obtained. 4) Material utilization rate is as high as 75%~85% 53) Most of the materials used are plate or coil material.

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