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A Brief Introduction of the Material Selection Method and Product Development of Sheet Metal Fabrication

With the fast development of the manufacturing industry, the professional sheet metal fabrication industry has grown strongly. Now, sheet metal relates to various fields, such as environmental protection, medical industry, engineering, and IT. However, any sheet metal product has a certain process. The process of sheet metal processing and the selection of materials are decided by the quality and service life of sheet metal products, so how to select materials for products is the most important.

1. The material selection of professional sheet metal fabrication

Generally, materials used in professional sheet metal fabrication parts include cold-rolled sheets, hot-rolled plates, galvanized sheet, aluminum plates, aluminum profiles, and stainless steel plates. Based on different functions, different materials should be selected. Generally, product usage and cost should be considered.

A. Cold-rolled sheet: It's mainly used for electroplating and baking parts. It has low costs, and is easy to form. The stock thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 4mm;

B. Hot-rolled plate: Materials T≥3.0mm, and it's used in electroplating and baking parts. It has low costs, but is hard to form. It's mainly used for flat pieces;

C. Galvanized sheet: It's mainly used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, refrigerator, construction, ventilation, heating facilities, and furniture manufacturing;

D. Aluminum plate: It usually uses surface chromate, oxidation, silver, and nickel-plated. It has high costs, and is suitable for home appliances and electronic products shells;

E. Aluminum profiles: Its cross-section structure is complex, and it's widely used in various plug boxes. It has the same surface treatment as aluminum;

F. Stainless steel plates: It's mainly used to work on any surface with high costs. It's mainly used in daily life, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

2. The development of products of professional sheet metal fabrication

In the increasingly developing market environment, the speed of the market's development is decided by the speed of product development. The use of laser cutting can reduce the number of molds effectively. Then, it can shorten the development cycle of new products, and promote the speed of development.

After the laser cutting, the parts of professional sheet metal fabrication have a high quality, and the production efficiency has been significantly improved. It helps with small batch production, and guarantees the market atmosphere where product development cycles are getting shorter powerfully. Then, the use of laser cutting can locate the size of the blanking die accurately, which lays a solid foundation for mass production in the future.

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